George aiming to develop British talent

Leading the way: George giving some advice. Image- ©Jack Hinds Photography

Advice: George talking at a recent session.     Image- ©Jack Hinds Photography

Experienced GB international Nick George is providing a high-level fitness programme in order to share his professional knowledge with aspiring British athletes.

George said: “I want to develop British talent at all levels especially grass roots. The fitness side of our program is targeted towards athletes and people who are passionate about being in optimum shape.”

The 30 year-old has been pleased with how the NG Pro Performance workouts have begun and is looking to use his passion to take the programme forward.

Giant: George could make Manchester return

Giant return? Image: Jack Hinds Photography

“I’m passionate about basketball and staying in great shape. (NG Pro Performance) started off as a one man show but I’ve since been approached by American and British organisations, which will play an important role.”

George takes great pride in helping others and has been taken back by the response he has received by people wanting to get involved.

“So far the response has been overwhelming and forced me to move faster than expected.

“It’s an amazing feeling whenever a player wants to attend a session. It shows a lot of character and ambition and if you’re willing to work hard, then I’m here to help,” George added.

There aren’t many opportunities for developing players in the UK but the Mancunian forward is giving up his time for the good of British basketball.

“It’s incredibly important. This is what British Basketball needs, somebody who’s been through it and is willing to give back. My aim is to be hands on and prepare players for whatever opportunities they may have.”

 George was not selected in GB’s preliminary squad for the EuroBasket but accepts the decision and is  looking forward to seeing how a new-look team fares in Slovenia.

“I didn’t deserve to be on that team. My main focus these past few seasons were family and rehabilitating injuries and GB knew that.

“I’m excited about Slovenia and what new coach, Joe Prunty will bring to the table. We’ve also got some fresh talent that could make an impact.”

George made six appearances for the Manchester Giants last season averaging 17.5 points in a brief spell which he described as an ‘amazing experience’.

“I finally got to play in my hometown! I left England at the age of 17 so you can imagine the feeling. It’s something I said I would do once I returned from Europe”

Speaking about the possibility of becoming a Giant again, George said: “Anything is possible if you really want it to happen. Ideally I’d like to play in my hometown or extremely close.”

George has played across Europe in Spain, Italy, France and in Switzerland, where he won the 2012 LNBA Championship with Lugano and now feels he has ‘accomplished everything he wanted to achieve’.

“I played at a high level and ended it with a championship. I’m happy with that.”

British fans can expect to see George back playing basketball in the UK soon and says there is ‘no telling’ how many years he has left as long as he takes care of himself physically.

You can follow Nick George on Twitter (@LVLVIII) as well as
the NG Pro Performance Programme (@NG_PROS) for more details

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