NBA 3-Point Contestants: EAST v WEST

The 2013 Foot Locker NBA 3-Point Contest takes place in Houston on Saturday 16th February and faces a different format this year. Of the six contestants selected, the final will pit the best of the East against the best from the West to be crowned 2013 Champion. Here are six players trying to earn that accolade along with their respective statistics:

Eastern Conference

Paul George  (Indiana Pacers) 115-298 3PT (0.386%)- 36th in the league; 9/13 3PT v New Orleans Hornets 21/11/12 (also Career-high)

Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers) 82-193 3PT (0.425)- 13th in the league; 5/5 3PT v Charlotte Bobcats 06/02/13

Steve Novak (New York Knicks) 96-215 3PT (0.447)- 3rd in the league; 5/7 3PT on three occasions (Most recent v Sacramento Kings 02/02/13)

Western Conference

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) 149-333 3PT (0.434)- 2nd in the league; 8/13 3PT v Charlotte Bobcats 21/12/12 (also Career-high)

Ryan Anderson (New Orleans Hornets) 159-396 3PT (0.402)- 28th in the league; 8/13 3PT v Phoenix Suns 23/11/12 (also Career-high)

Matt Bonner (San Antonio Spurs) 37-83 3PT (0.446)- 4th in the league; 3/3 3PT on two occasions (Most recent v Brooklyn Nets 10/02/13)

Final Prediction: Steve Novak v Matt Bonner

Knicks' sharp-shooter

Knicks’ sharp-shooter

My Predicted Champion

My Predicted Champion

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